AA = Absolute Abstinence

AA = Adventurers Anonymous

AA = Altered Attitudes

AA = Altruistic Action

AA = Attitude Adjustment

AA's-R-US = Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Unity Service

ABC = Acceptance, Belief, Change

ACTION = Any Change Toward Improving One's Nature

ACTION = Any Change To Improve Our Natures

ADDICT = Anybody Doing Drugs In Compulsive Trouble

AFGE = Another Fucking Growth Experience

AIDS = Active In Dangerous Sex

AIDS = Addicts Injecting Dirty Syringes

ALCOHOLICS = A Life Centered On Helping Others Live In Complete Sobriety

ANONYMOUS = Actions Not Our Names Yield Maintenance Of Unity & Service

ANGER = Any No Good Energy Rising

ASPHALT - Avoid Self-Pity, Hungy, Angry, Lonely & Tired

ASK = Ass-Saving Kit

BAR = Beware Alcohol, Run

BAR = Beware Alcoholic Ruin

BIG BOOK = Believing In God Beats Our Old Knowledge

BS = Before Sobriety

BUT = Being Unconvinced Totally

CALM = Can Anger Leave Me

CARE = Comforting And Reassuring Each Other

CHANGE = Choosing Honesty Allows New Growth Everyday

CIA = Catholic Irish Alcoholic

CLEAN = Completely Leaving Every Addiction Now!

COURAGE = 'Cause of Using Recovery's A Great Effort

CRAP = Carry Resentments Against People

DEAD = Drinking Ends All Dreams

DENIAL = Don't Even Notice I Am Lying

DENIAL = Don't Even Notice It's A Lie

DETACH = Don't Even Think About Changing Him/Her

DT'S = Don't Think Shit

DUES = Desperately Using Everything but Sobriety

EDI not DIE = Easy Does It not Does It Easy

EGO = Easing God Out

EGO = Edging God Out

FAILURE = Fearful, Arrogant, Insecure, Lonely, Uncertain, Resentful, Empty

FAITH = Fear Ain't In This House

FAITH = Facing An Inner Truth Heals

FAITH = For An Instant Trust Him

FAITH = Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him

FAITH = Fear And Insecurity? Trust Him!

FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You

FEAR = Failure Expected And Received

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real

FEAR = Feelings Expressed Allows Relief

FEAR = Feelings Every Alcoholic Rejects

FEAR = Fighting Ego Against Reality

FEAR = Forget Everything and Run

FEAR = F--k Everything and Run!

FEAR = Face Everything and Recover!

FEAR = Forgetting Everything's All Right

FEAR = Frantic Effort to Appear Real

FEAR = Frantic Efforts to Appear Recovered

FINE = Faithful, Involved, kNowledgeable and Experienced

FINE = Feeling Insecure, Numb and Empty

FINE = Frantic, Insane, Nuts and Egotistical

FINE = Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional

FINE = Feeling Insecure Neurotic & Emotional

FINE = Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional

FINE = F--cked, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional

FOG = Fear Of God

F_CKED = Feeling Useless 'Cause I'm Kicking Every Drug

GAYS = Go Ask Your Sponsor

GIFT = God Is Forever There

GIFTS = Getting It From The Steps

GOD = Good Orderly Direction

GOD = Get Out Devil

GOD = Go On Dreaming

GOD = Group Of Drunks

GOD = Group Of Drug Addicts

GOYA = Get Off Your Ass

GUT = God's Undeniable Truths

HALT = Honestly, Actively, Lovingly Tolerant

HALT = Hope, Acceptance, Love and Tolerance

HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired: Fix these situations before you make any decisions.

HALT = Horny, Arrogant, Lazy and Tragic: if you're any one of these, get to a meeting!

HALTS = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired and Stupid

HALTS FEAR = Hope, Acceptance, Love and Tolerance Stops Forgetting that Everything's All Right

HEART = Healing Enjoying And Recovering Together

HELP = His Ever Loving Presence

HELP = Her Ever Loving Presence

HELP = Hope, Encouragement, Love and Patience

HOPE = Happy Our Program Exists

HOPE = Hearing Other Peoples' Experience

HOPE = Hang On! Peace Exists...

HOW = Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness: that's how we do it

HOW = Honest, Open-minded and Willing

ISM = I, Self, Me

ISM = Incredibly Short Memory

ISM = InSide Me

ISM = I Sabotage Myself

ISM = I Sponsor Myself

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

KISS = Keep It Simple, Sugar

KISS = Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

KISS = Keeping It Simple, Spiritually

LET GO = Leave Everything To God, Okay?

LOVE = Living Our Victories Everyday

MMM = Meetings, Meditation and Masturbation (recommended for the first year)

NEW = Nothing Else Worked

NOW = No Other Way


NUTS = Not Using The Steps

OUR = Openly Using Recovery

PACE = Positive Attitudes Change Everything

PAID = Pitiful And Incomprehensible Demoralization

PAIN = Pause And Invite New

PHD = Pretty Heavy Drinker

PMS = Poor Me Syndrome

PMS = Pour More Scotch

PRIDE = Personal Recovery Involves Defeating Ego

PROGRAM = People Relying on God Relaying a Message

RAGE = Real Angry Gut-level Ego

RELAPSE = Recovery Exits Life And Program Seem Empty

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