Rancho Jarupa, Rubidoux

December 13-14 2019

Directions:HI Way 60 to Rubidoux Blvd
south, turn left on Mission Blvd
and go to Crestmoor Road and turn right.

Reservations required contact the
WAGON MASTER: Gail & Malissa 951-845-1553
Back Row pay@gate
TBD w/hookups
Bring Firewood !!

Saturday: Alanon Mtg 11 AM
Potluck 5:00 PM, followed by
Business mtg and Campfire AA Mtg.

The potluck is at 5pm during standard time and 6pm during daylite savings time
Secretary: None, contact wagonmaster

Here is a link to Rancho Jurupa Park.

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