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Support Group Meeting Announcements
Bulemia, The Yo Yo Ma Center
Upson Downes, Kentucky

Cone-dependent No More -- Ice Cream Bingers Anonymous
The Borden Center, Dairyland, Wisconsin

Women Who Love To Munch
Sally Struthers Center

Cow-Dependent No More, "Sacred cows make the best hamburger" Group
Center For Hindu Studies, Kansas City Stockyards

Code-Dependent No More, Recovery Program For CIA Moles
The Company Center, McClean, Virginia

Car-Dependent No More, Automobile Abusers Anonymous
(not to be confused with Triple-A)
Henry Ford Center, Detroit, Michigan

Comb-Dependent No More -- Bald and Proud Group
Yul Brenner Center, Morehead City, North Carolina

Condo-Pendent No More -- Happy Old Farts With Big Houses
Senator Strom Thurmond Center, Miami, Florida

Cue-Dependent No More -- Billiards Players In Recovery
The Fats Center, Minneapolis

Cold-Dependent No More -- Bogus Excuses For Work Absence Group
University Medical Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cod-Dependent No More, Fish Eaters Anonymous
Charlie's Steakhouse, Boston, Massachusetts

God-Dependent No More, Program For People Who Have Gone Back To Drinking and Drugging
Meetings held nightly in just about any bar anywhere in the USA

Hollywood Hookers in Recovery
The Heidi Fleiss Center, Mayflower Avenue, Beverly Hills 9021-HO

Ho-Dependent No More, John's In Recovery
The Heidi Fleiss Center, Mayflower Avenue, Beverly Hills 9021-HO

'Fro-Dependent No More, Black Brothers No Longer Looking To Hairstyles For Self-Esteem
Eldridge Cleaver Center

Bo-Dependent No More, Guys No Longer Obsessed With Sex Goddesses
The Derek Center, Hollywood, California

Joe-Dependent No More, Responsibility Shirkers Anonymous, "Let Joe Do It" Group
Independence, Missouri

Sew-Dependent No More, Needlepoint Compulsives Anonymous
Betsy Ross Center, Philadelphia, PA

Ko-Dependent No More, Bad Spellers In Recuvery
Jaksun, Misisipi

Foe-Dependent No More, Business Executives In Recovery From Blaming Personal Failure on Competitors
The Center For Office Politics, New York City

>Go-Dependent No More, Compulsive Travelers / Geographic Cures Anonymous
Contact your travel agent for meetings in New York, Paris, Istanbul, San Francisco, London, and most major cities worldwide. Group fares available.

Low-Dependent No More, People Who Used To Use Depression As An Excuse To Drink
Two meeting sites: The Low Country Center, Charleston, South Carolina, and Death Valley, California

Mo'-Dependent No More, Black Overachievers Anonymous, "The Sky's The Limit" Group
Center For Maximum Human Potential, Empire State Building, New York City

No-Dependents No More, Empty Nesters
Boca Raton, Florida

Po'-Dependent No More, No Economic Excuses For Failure Group
Los Angeles inner city

Roe-Dependent No More, People No Longer Seeking Supreme Court Decisions To Justify Their Stance On Abortion,
V. Wade Center, Washington, DC

Toe-Dependent No More, Dancers No Longer Reliant On Ballet For Self-Esteem
New York City

Vote-Dependent No More, Politicians With Low Self-Esteem Sitting on U.S. Supreme Court
Washington, D.C.

Yo-Dependent No More, White People No Longer Using Black Slang To Be Hip
Harlem, New York

Cob-Dependent No More, Compulsive Charmin Squeezers
Meetings held throughout southern USA

Goy-Dependent No More, Jewish Women Happy With Jewish Guys
New York City

Fraud-Dependent No More, Income Tax Cheaters Anonymous
Internal Revenue Service Center, Washington D.C.

Frau-Dependent No More, Divorced Germans (Men's Group)
Bonn, Germany

Show-Dependent No More, Flashers Anonymous
Central Park, New York

Grow-Dependent No More, Farmers Grateful For Being Evicted

HoJo-Dependent No Mo'
Group meets at various Denny's across the U.S.

Promo-Dependent No More -- Public Relations Officers For 12-Step Groups
Madison Avenue Center, Manhattan

Como-Dependent No More -- Women Obsessed With Perry
San Francisco, California

Bono-Dependent No More, Teen-Age Girls Obsessed With Lead Singer For U2
Belfast, Ireland

Phone-Dependent No More, Obscene Callers Anonymous
Alexander Graham Bell Center, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Coo-Dependent No More, Compulsive Pigeon Breeders
Roof-top meeting nightly, New York City

Coon-Dependent No More, Fur Trappers Anonymous
Yukon Territories, Canada

Kook-Dependent No More, Psychiatrists No Longer Hooked On Curing Patients For Self-Esteem
Vienna, Austria

Coop-Dependent No More, Dysfunctional Chicken Breeders Anonymous
Perdue Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

Coup-Dependent No More, Recovering Military Megalomaniacs
Meetings throughout South America and Africa

Calm-Dependent No More, "Anger Is Okay" Group
Mount St. Helen's, Washington

Condom-Pendant No More, Vasectomy Survivors Support Group
Planned Parenthood Centers

Con-Dependent No More, Scam Artists Anonymous
Las Vegas, Nevada

Row-Dependent No More, Cuban Rafters Support Group
Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami

Blow-Dependent No More, Cocaine Abusers Anonymous
Pablo Escobar Memorial Room, Colombian Embassy, Washington D.C.

Hoe-Dependent No More, Obsessive / Compulsive Gardeners
meetings in Frank's Garden Centers across the U.S.

Dough-Dependent No More, Compulsive Bakers
Bread of Life Center, Leavenworth, Kansas

Co-Dependents Know More, Recovering Smart Alecks
One Upman Place, Lake Superior

Co-Defendants No More, Ex-Gambino Crime Family Members In Recovery
Meetings held in Chapel of Forest Lawn Cemetery, New York City
Memorial service for deceased members following meeting

Woe-Dependent No More, Depressives Anonymous
Hell, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, British West Indies

Coke-Dependent No More
Ray Charles Room, Pepsico Distribution Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Cocoa-Dependent No More, Hot Chocolate Bingers
General Foods Headquarters, White Plains, New York

Multiple Personality Disorder Anonymous (A.K.A. Mult-Anon, MPDA, PDAM, ADMP)
For program and meeting information call Frank, Bill, George and/or Fred at 1-800-MUL-TIP-L
This month's meeting is 9 hours divided into three parts:
3 pm - 6 pm -- each member introduces himselves/herselves by first names only
6 pm - 9 pm -- featured speaker, Eve, talks about her recoveries and shares her experiences, strengths, and hopes in talk entitled "My recovery takes 36 steps"
9 pm - midnight -- "getting to know you" social for newcomers Next month's topic: sponsorship can be complicated in our fellowship

Attention Deficit Disorder Anonymous Meeting 7:00 pm - 7:05 pm
This months topic: Recovery for One-Minute Managers

Schizophrenics Anonymous
Topic: My recovery meant not answering God's call to do 12-step work

>Illiterate? Write for free information on learning to deal with your >problem:
Illiterates Support Group
Antidisestablishmentarianism, Mississippi

Chronic Masturbators Support Group
Wanking, Peoples Republic of China

Feline Fanciers Anonymous -- Progress, Not Purrfection Group
Catatonia, New York

Procrastinators Anonymous
Meeting places and times will be announced tomorrow

Jewish Overeaters and Romance Addicts Anonymous--Love and Knishes Group
back room of Manny's Kosher Deli, New York City


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